12 September 2011

The Long View

Current events through the lens of history

1 March 2011

The Confidence Man

The rise and fall of Lalit Modi

30 January 2011

Remembering India’s Golden Voice

An obituary of Bhimsen Joshi

15 April 2010

Why the Indian Premier League is so Successful

The rise of a new cricket league

22 January 2010

Stuck in Limbo

Tamil refugees in India ponder a return to Sri Lanka

12 October 2009

A Matter of Taste

The man who makes your potato chips taste better

8 October 2009

India’s Myopic Opposition

The battle for the soul of the BJP

28 September 2009

Borlaug’s Dwarfs

The plot of land where the Green Revolution began

1 September 2009

Unholy Waters

A three-part series on the failure to clean the Ganga