A Dominant Character

“Fascinating… A Dominant Character is the best Haldane biography yet. With science so politicized in this country and abroad, the book could  be an allegory for every scientist who wants to take a stand.”

The  New York Times

This Divided Island

“Brutal majoritarians and ruthless insurgents have long monopolised our sense of Sri Lanka. Samanth Subramanian’s sensitive account makes us aware of a missing human dimension. Exploring a war-ravaged landscape, he is bracingly alert to the role of ambiguity as well as ideology in human affairs. In This Divided Island, one of our finest young writers of non-fiction reveals the complicated lives lived in their shadow.”
Pankaj Mishra

Following Fish

“This is a travel book like no other – inspired in its conception and marvelously skilled in its execution. Samanth Subramanian uses the production and consumption of fish to provide a series of arresting insights into the culture and ecology of the subcontinent. The prose is elegant but never lush, the tone warm and sometimes tender. A stunning debut by a hugely gifted writer.”
Ramachandra Guha