21 September 2016

The Suffocating Spectre of Politics

Politics swamps every square inch of our national discourse; it contaminates every corner of our existence.

10 July 2016

The geeks who knew too much

“That’s all we have, Ajay. Trivia.” The despair of a quizzer who, knowing so much about the world, finds himself stymied by life.

18 July 2015

The Breathless Traveller

In unfamiliar places, a familiar illness

12 October 2009

A Matter of Taste

The man who makes your potato chips taste better

28 September 2009

Borlaug’s Dwarfs

The plot of land where the Green Revolution began

1 September 2009

Unholy Waters

A three-part series on the failure to clean the Ganga

14 August 2009

The Day the Music Lived

An emergency tambura player at Woodstock

7 August 2009

The First Family of Indian Quizzing

On the Jayakumars and the Landmark Quiz

29 June 2009

The First Family of Tandoors

The clan – now divided – that invented the modern tandoor

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