Bloomberg BusinessWeek

28 August 2019

Making Elements Doesn’t Pay

For the first time since 1869, when Dmitri Mendeleev stood before the Russian Chemical Society and proposed a novel way to arrange elements, his periodic table will cease to be an unfinished work, a map with borders yet to be filled in.

28 June 2018

India’s Biggest Bank Fraud

A good casting director would have marked Nirav Modi for the role of heistee, not heister.

10 May 2017

The Fearsome Eurocrat

Vestager’s entire tenure has been laced with an instinctive mistrust of big corporations. She’s driven investigations of, Fiat, Gazprom, Google, McDonald’s, and Starbucks—and she still has two and a half years remaining in her term.”What really matters is: If you want to do business in Europe, you play by the European rule book.”