19 August 2020

Over And Over And Over Again

At 38, Jimmy Anderson, Test cricket’s most successful fast bowler, is running farther than ever. This year, he picked up his 600th wicket in a strange, locked-down summer of cricket, in which he practised into a golf net, kept his spit off the ball, and tried not to hug his teammates.

3 March 2017

The remains of the Neigh

When the National Army Museum in London reopens this spring, its exhibits will include the skeleton of Marengo, Napoleon’s white charger. This was, reportedly, the horse that won its name after bearing Napoleon to victory in northern Italy, then carried him through Austerlitz and Jena, back in slumped defeat from Russia, and finally at Waterloo.

24 November 2016

A Fight Club for Bankers

The concept of white-collar boxing – of a stressful, competitive hobby for people who already had stressful, competitive jobs – didn’t surprise Peel. He understood why bankers did it. All the pressures of the career – acute though they were – acquired a varnish of sameness, just as the moneyed, expat lifestyle followed a uniform rhythm.

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