10 July 2016

The geeks who knew too much

“That’s all we have, Ajay. Trivia.” The despair of a quizzer who, knowing so much about the world, finds himself stymied by life.

3 July 2016

Bangladesh’s response to ISIS

Given the spectacular horror Dhaka has witnessed, it appears that ISIS has found firm traction within a segment of the populace.

18 March 2016

The End of Karma

The state’s failure to supply its youth with schools, universities and jobs, and to help them climb into prosperity, will tug India into perilous waters.

16 March 2016

The Indian Spy Who Fell For Tibet

It was as if James Bond volunteered to hunt down Blofeld, booking his own flights and hotels, all to improve his Japanese.

21 December 2015

The Hit List

Who is hacking Bangladeshi bloggers to death?

1 May 2015

Midnight’s Grown-Ups

In 1967, an Indian film-maker asked 20-year-olds what they thought of their country. What do they think of India now?

21 August 2015

Anamika in the Library

No one in Anamika’s circle of family and friends knows that she has spent the past three and a half years in a library.

23 January 2015

India’s Craze for World Records

Gupta went out and bought a Phillips 100-watt light bulb, went to a nearby park and threw it 104.6 feet. The record, as it stood then, was 106.7 feet.

1 March 2015

Breach Candy

There were rumbles of fraud, of a mania for land, of politicians flexing their muscles, until we appeared to be talking not of the Breach Candy Club but of India herself.