24 October 2017

Indian Tech Warily Eyes AI

Bots, machine learning, and algorithms are rendering old skills redundant, recasting the idea of work and making a smaller labor force seem likely.

13 October 2017

The Spooky Quantum Universe

Brooks is drawn to Cardano the man: the superstitious gambler, the chaser of fame, the astrologer who dared to cast the horoscope of Christ. He’s also drawn to Cardano the thinker. “We are both rational, both seeking to understand the universe, both convinced that nobody has a good grasp of it yet.”

10 May 2017

The Fearsome Eurocrat

Vestager’s entire tenure has been laced with an instinctive mistrust of big corporations. She’s driven investigations of Amazon.com, Fiat, Gazprom, Google, McDonald’s, and Starbucks—and she still has two and a half years remaining in her term.”What really matters is: If you want to do business in Europe, you play by the European rule book.”

2 May 2017

The Thirst of Bangalore

That term, water mafia, conjures an image straight out of Mad Max—gangs of small-time Immortan Joes running squadrons of belching tankers, turning a city’s water on and off at will. When I first started to hear about Bangalore’s crisis, that lurid image was hard to square with the cosmopolitan city I knew from a lifetime of frequent visits.

20 April 2017

The Island That Grows

The Jurong Rock Caverns in Singapore are just one answer to a pair of intriguing questions: What does a tremendously rich and ambitious country do when it is running out of land? And what can the rest of the world learn from these experiments?

28 March 2017

William Gedney in India

In one of his notebooks, Gedney scribbled a couple of lines from the Bhagavad Gita, spoken by Krishna to his friend Arjuna: “Many lives you and I have lived, Arjuna; I remember them all, but you do not.” This could have been Gedney’s credo. He moved among transitory lives, remembering them for us.

3 March 2017

The remains of the Neigh

When the National Army Museum in London reopens this spring, its exhibits will include the skeleton of Marengo, Napoleon’s white charger. This was, reportedly, the horse that won its name after bearing Napoleon to victory in northern Italy, then carried him through Austerlitz and Jena, back in slumped defeat from Russia, and finally at Waterloo.

15 February 2017

Macedonia’s Fake-News Complex

President Barack Obama himself spent a day in the final week of the campaign talking “almost obsessively” about Veles and its “digital gold rush.” Between August and November, Boris earned nearly $16,000 off his two pro-Trump websites. The average monthly salary in Macedonia is $371.

24 November 2016

A Fight Club for Bankers

The concept of white-collar boxing – of a stressful, competitive hobby for people who already had stressful, competitive jobs – didn’t surprise Peel. He understood why bankers did it. All the pressures of the career – acute though they were – acquired a varnish of sameness, just as the moneyed, expat lifestyle followed a uniform rhythm.