19 August 2020

Over And Over And Over Again

At 38, Jimmy Anderson, Test cricket’s most successful fast bowler, is running farther than ever. This year, he picked up his 600th wicket in a strange, locked-down summer of cricket, in which he practised into a golf net, kept his spit off the ball, and tried not to hug his teammates.

18 August 2020

Tracking The Vaccine

Even before Covid-19, companies and nonprofits had been promoting the benefits of digital and biometric IDs. The need for a speedy and comprehensive vaccination campaign has emboldened them, to the point that privacy campaigners are increasingly discomfited.

17 August 2020

All The Vaccine Essentials

Without vials, needles or adjuvants, a vaccine is just a fine formula, a cure in search of its disease. When a Covid-19 vaccine is finally approved for manufacture, the rush to stock up on ancillary products will be unprecedented.

2 July 2020

Family Secrets In Colombo

Two wealthy brothers took part in the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019. Most of us associate violence with desperation. What did the Ibrahim brothers have to be desperate about?

21 June 2020

Our Addiction to Prediction

Our economies are addled; our psyches are shaken from the spate of tragic deaths; our abilities to deal with unexpected events have been shown, in many countries, to be flimsy. This may not be the time to sketch out, with great confidence, what the new normal will look like.

18 May 2020

The New Witch Burnings in Europe

All over Europe, 5G telephone towers are being set on fire. These acts feel as if they’ve been imported from the past, and not just because of the atavism of destroying mankind’s newest technology with mankind’s oldest.

28 April 2020

The Madhouse of the Mask Market

Countries have hoarded masks, and used them as chips in geopolitical games. Thieves have made off with them. One mask broker described it “the craziest market I’ve ever seen.” The global scramble for this vital item has exposed the harsh realities of international politics and the limits of the free market.

1 April 2020

Cargo Shipping’s Carbon Moonshot

Container ships burn some of the dirtiest fuel there is and spew out huge amounts of greenhouse gas. But the business is poised for a dramatic shift. The ambition to clean up shipping is “like a moon shot.”

27 March 2020

“It’s a Razor’s Edge”

Around the world, more than 40 teams are working on a vaccine for Covid-19. We followed one doctor, living like a monk in a Cambridge college room, engaged in the most urgent quest of his life.