12 June 2019

Arundhati Roy’s Prescient Anger

Reading “My Seditious Heart,” you feel as if Roy has been hollering for years, trying to grab our attention, and we’ve kept motoring on toward the edge of the cliff.

25 April 2019

Air vs Paper: World War Loo!

I asked Redway what he’d do if he went into a restroom and saw only a hand dryer. He started digging through the pocket of his coat. A jingle of keys emerged, then some coins, and finally, a crumpled sheet of paper towelling.


22 April 2019

A Bloody Easter Sunday

Sri Lanka now finds itself in a state of doubled wariness. It must contend with its own nature: its inability to protect its minorities and its proclivity to politicize strife.

22 April 2019

The Chronicler of Madras

This, then, was Mr Muthiah’s answer. How do you relate to Madras? You pay attention to it. You seek out its past, you admire its buildings, you tend to its beaches, you listen to its stories.

26 March 2019

Fifty-Eight Holes in Azerbaijan

There is something touchingly human in the dispersal of these games—in the vision of travellers packing for long, hard journeys and remembering to take with them something to kill time.

18 October 2018

A thousand polite complaints

For three years, Miqdaad Versi has waged a quixotic campaign against the endless distortions in news about Muslims.

6 September 2018

A Slow March To Progress

The Supreme Court’s decision on Section 377 snips away one more tether binding India to its colonial past.

28 June 2018

India’s Biggest Bank Fraud

A good casting director would have marked Nirav Modi for the role of heistee, not heister.

15 June 2018

The World’s Top Art Detective

Find someone who looks at you the way Jamie Martin looks at his Fourier-transform infrared microscope.